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Ten Reasons to Apply for a Mercatus Center MA Fellowship

Ten Reasons to Apply for a Mercatus Center MA Fellowship

Are you seeking to pursue a career in public policy?

The Mercatus MA Fellowship offers advanced training in applied economics through the MA program in economics at George Mason University as well as practical experience working with Mercatus scholars on policy research.

This unique program not only prepares you for a successful career in bridging the gap between academic ideas and real-world problems, through formal coursework, additional workshops and readings groups, and research experience, but also provides financial assistance through tuition support and stipends.

Here are ten reasons that you should apply to the Mercatus Center MA Fellowship program.

  1. The MA Fellowship provides a monthly stipend, full tuition support, and practical experience as a research assistant working with scholars at the Mercatus Center. That is a total award of up to $80,000 over two years.
  2. The MA Fellowship offers an unparalleled opportunity to work closely with scholars at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, one of the foremost policy research centers in the Washington, DC area.
  3. MA Fellows have the opportunity to co-author academic articles, policy studies and opinion editorials with Mercatus scholars.
  4. MA Fellows take graduate courses in the economics department at George Mason University and are taught by faculty that have established international reputations as economic scholars.
  5. MA Fellows attend specialized courses on entrepreneurship and public policy and on regulation and the market process, which provide advanced training in applying economic theory to public policy challenges.
  6. MA Fellows conduct their own research in order to complete a significant solo-authored Mercatus Graduate Policy Essay which serves as the cornerstone of their research portfolio.
  7. MA Fellows participate in workshops and readings groups on the Austrian, Virginia and Bloomington schools of political economy, as all as key themes in applied economics and public policy.
  8. MA Fellows have the opportunity to intern for congressional committees, federal agencies, and think tanks and research institutions during the summer between their first and second years in the program.
  9. Success­ful MA Fellows have secured public policy positions as Presidential Management Fellows, economists and analysts with the federal government and state governments, and policy analysts at prominent research institutions.
  10. MA Fellows build lasting personal and professional relationships with Mercatus affiliated scholars, alumni of the program, and Mercatus staff that are active in policy both at the federal and state level.

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