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Theory to Practice Readings Group

Theory to Practice Readings Group

Mercatus Center Graduate Student Programs staff regularly hosts a theory to practice readings group for our Mercatus MA Fellows. This readings group, which meets approximately once per month, brings together students and Mercatus scholars and faculty to discuss economic theory and its application to public policy problems. The readings group features a rotating curriculum from selected works.

The previous sessions were:

  • Fall 2008 – The Problem of Bureaucracy
  • Spring 2009 – Special Topics in Theory to Practice
  • Fall 2009 – Investigating Hayek’s ‘Science of Liberty’
  • Fall 2010 – The Problem of Bureaucracy
  • Fall 2012  The Problem of Bureaucracy
  • Spring 2013 – Special Topics in Theory to Practice

The Fall 2013 session is on Investigating Hayek’s ‘Science of Liberty’, featuring:

  • The Road to Serfdom in September
  • The Constitution of Liberty in November
  • The Fatal Conceit in December