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MA Career Development Workshop

MA Career Development Workshop

GSP staff regularly host a career development workshop for our Mercatus MA Fellows. This workshop, which meets approximately every two weeks, brings together Mercatus staff and scholars as well as outside guests and program alumni from the government and the nonprofit sector. Workshop sessions focus on skill building, networking, and learning about a variety of future job opportunities. The workshop features a rotating list of topics.

Previous workshops focused on:

  • Overviews of Austrian economics, Public Choice, and institutional analysis
  • Introductions to Mercatus policy research areas
  • Writing for a policy audience
  • The craft of writing and editing, including training on op-eds and regulatory public interest comments 
  • Econometrics Concepts
  • Media training
  • International policy and economic development
  • Careers in state and federal government and policy institutions
  • Careers in economic and business journalism
  • The Presidential Management Fellows program
  • Resume and cover letter workshop
  • The NGO-Media Complex and its impacts on public policy
  • Utilizing the Mercatus network for internships and jobs
  • Tax policy and what you need to know to be a better consumer of tax policy
The Spring 2014 workshop schedule:

  • Resume, cover letter, and interviewing workshop with Todd Noebel
  • Alumni panel
  • Writing Workshop with Jerry Ellig
  • Debt and spending issues with Véronique de Rugy and Jason Fichtner
  • Lecture/Reading Discussion by Ed López
  • The not-so-good old days of consumer credity with Todd Zywicki
  • Healthcare with Bob Graboyes