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Financial Crisis Readings Group

Financial Crisis Readings Group

Dr. Steven Horwitz, the Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics at St. Lawrence University and a Senior Scholar with the Mercatus Center, hosted a readings and discussion group on the recent financial crisis.

The readings and discussion group met one Wednesday per month during the spring semester of 2010 (Mercatus Boardroom Arlington Campus).

Readings Group Schedule

Jan 20, 2010 (2:30pm-4:00pm) – Jeffrey Friedman, “A Crisis of Politics, Not Economics: Complexity, Ignorance, and Policy Failure,” Critical Review 21: 127-183.

Feb 17, 2010 (12:30pm-2:00pm) – Norberg’s Financial Fiasco(2009), First Half

Mar 24, 2010 (12:30pm-2:00pm) – Norberg’s Financial Fiasco(2009), Second Half

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