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Graduate Student Paper Workshop

Graduate Student Paper Workshop

The Graduate Student Paper Workshop is a weekly seminar open to Mercatus Center graduate fellows as well as Mercatus Center scholars and affiliated faculty. Graduate fellows, scholars and affiliated faculty present working papers and receive criticism and recommendations from their peers. GSPW serves as a key forum for training Mercatus Center graduate fellows to be researchers and for improving their current research projects.

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GSPW will feature or has featured the following presentations:

Spring 2014

January 30th (Thursday) – GSPW – Vipin Veetil, “Why do firms exist?”

February 6th (Thursday) – GSPW  Kate Sheehan“The Internet, Emotional Contagion, and Foreign Aid”

February 13th (Thursday) – No GSPW – Canceled due to Snow

February 20th (Thursday) – GSPW – Kyle ODonnell, “On the origin of social problems: theory and applications”

February 27th (Thursday) – GSPW – Doug Norton, The Impact of Reflection on the Tendency Towards Aspiration

March 6th (Thursday) – No GSPW – Public Choice Society Meetings

March 13th (Thursday) – No GSPW  Spring Break

March 20th (Thursday) – No GSPW – Canceled 

March 27th (Thursday) – GSPW – Solomon Stein, “Debate and the Informal Construction of a Scientific Tradition: A Reconstruction of the Equilibration Debate in neo-Austrian Economics

April 3rd (Thursday) – GSPW – Alex Salter, “Tullock's Challenge: Monarch vs. Democracy Revisited

April 10th (Thursday) – GSPW – Vlad TarkoThe Calculus of Conset as a Tool for Institutional Analysis”

April 17th (Thursday) – GSPW – Bobby Cavender, “Monetary Stabilization Policy Can Be Improved by CPI Futures Markets

April 24th (Thursday) – GSPW – Stefanie Haeffele-Balch“Crises and Community Action: an analysis of voluntary action and the dynamics of interventionism

May 1st (Thursday) – GSPW – Meg Patrick“In Defense of Unbridled International Trade in Electronic Waste  End of Semester Lunch


Fall 2013 Graduate Student Paper Workshop Schedule
Enterprise Hall 318, GMU Fairfax Campus
August 29th (Thursday) – GSPW – Orientation (No paper presentation)
September 5th (Thursday) – GSPW – Alex Salter, “Robust Political Economy and the Lender of Last Resort”
September 12th (Thursday) – GSPW – Patrick Newman, “The Depression of 1873-79: An Austrian Examination”
September 19th (Thursday) – GSPW – Joshua Pierson
September 26th (Thursday) – GSPW – Vlad Tarko
October 3rd (Thursday) – GSPW – Meg Patrick
October 10th (Thursday) – GSPW – Solomon Stein
October 17th (Thursday) – GSPW – Laura Grube
October 24th (Thursday) – GSPW – Robert Cavender
November 1st (Friday) – GSPW – reserved
November 7th (Thursday) – GSPW – Kyle O’Donnell
November 14th (Thursday) – GSPW – Liya Palagashvili
November 21st (Thursday) – GSPW – Vipin Veetil, “Emergence of Money”
November 28th (Thursday) – No GSPW – Thanksgiving
December 5th (Thursday) – GSPW – End of Semester Lunch.

Fall 2013

August 29th (Thursday) – GSPW – Fall Semester Orientation

September 5th (Thursday) – GSPW – Alex Salter, “Robust Political Economy and the Lender of Last Resort”

September 12th (Thursday) – GSPW – Patrick Newman, “The Depression of 1873-79: An Austrian Examination”

September 19th (Thursday) – GSPW – Joshua Pierson, “Prenups

September 26th (Thursday) – GSPW – Vlad Tarko, Special Economic Zones and the Calculus of Consent among Corrupt Elites: Why no Chinese Miracle in Africa?

October 3rd (Thursday) – GSPW – Meg Patrick, Criminal Justice Interventions in Native America: A Case Study in Failure

October 10th (Thursday) – GSPW – Solomon Stein, Endogenous Currency Formation in an Online Environment: The Case of Diablo II

October 17th (Thursday) – GSPW – Laura Grube, “Is a Kirznerian Theory of Social Entrepreneurship Possible?”

October 24th (Thursday) – GSPW – Robert Cavender, “Order Without Orderers: The Case of Dragon Kill Points”

November 1st (Friday) – GSPW – reserved

November 7th (Thursday) – GSPW – Kyle O’Donnell, “Ideas, selection, and institutional evolution: Migration and the development of the American colonies”

November 14th (Thursday) – GSPW – Liya Palagashvili, “The Rise and Fall of African Federalism”

November 21st (Thursday) – No GSPW – SEA Conference

November 28th (Thursday) – No GSPW – Thanksgiving

December 5th (Thursday) – GSPW – Vipin Veetil, “Spatial competition as a decentralized iterative process”  End of Semester Lunch


Spring 2013

January 31st (Thursday) – 10:30am – GSPW – Spring Semester Orientation

February 7th (Thursday) – No GSPW

February 14th (Thursday) – GSPW – Vlad Tarko, “The emergence of action arenas: Searle, Ostrom, and complexity theory”

February 21st (Thursday) – GSPW – Dave Hebert, “Cutting costs and creating confusion”

February 28th (Thursday) – GSPW – Arielle John, “Culture as a constitution”

March 7th (Thursday) – No GSPW  Public Choice Society Meetings

March 14th (Thursday) – No GSPW  Spring Break

March 21st (Thursday) – GSPW – Ryan Langrill, “Adam Smith’s Cast of Characters”

March 28th (Thursday) – GSPW –Tom Duncan, “The Emergence of the Permanent War Economy: An Institutional Analysis”

April 4th (Thursday) – GSPW – Laura Grube, “Regime uncertainty in a post-disaster context”

April 11th (Thursday) – GSPW – Liya Palagashvili, “Polycentrism, IAD and the Workshop”

April 18th (Thursday) – No GSPW  APEE Conference

April 25th (Thursday) – GSPW – No GSPW

May 2nd (Thursday) – Abby Hall, “Mountains of Disappointment” (Arlington Campus)


Fall 2012

August 30th (Thursday) – GSPW – Orientation (talk by Prof. Peter Boettke), no paper presentation

September 6th (Thursday) – GSPW – Alex Salter, “Synthesizing State and Spontaneous Order Theories of Money”

September 13th (Thursday) – GSPW – Nicolas Cachanosky, “The International Effects of Monetary Policy”

September 20th (Thursday) – GSPW – Shruti Rajagopalan, “India’s Constitutional Backdoor:  Independent Judiciary and Rent-seeking“

September 27th (Thursday) – No GSPW – Mercatus Board Meeting (on Friday the 28th)

October 4th (Thursday) – GSPW – Kyle O’Donnell, “Is a rational drug policy possible?" or "Interventionism, culture, and the market process: the case of drug prohibition in the US”

October 11th (Thursday) – No GSPW – Smith Fellowship Colloquium

October 18th (Thursday) – GSPW – Jesse Gastelle, “Keynesianism as Fulfillment”

October 25th (Thursday) – GSPW – Vlad Tarko, “Do Progressives, Conservatives and Libertarians Understand Freedom Differently?”

November 1st (Thursday) – GSPW – Dave Hebert, “The Emergence, Evolution, and Erosion of Property Rights”

November 8th (Thursday) – GSPW – Jayme Lemke, “The Relevance of the Municipality Debate”

November 15th (Thursday) – No GSPW – SEA Conference

November 22nd (Thursday) – No GSPW – Thanksgiving

November 29th (Thursday) – GSPW – Laura Grube

December 6th (Thursday) – GSPW – Bobby Cavender, “Writing the Fine Print: The Economics of Legalese”


Spring 2012

February 3rd (Friday) – GSPW – Nick Snow, “Rum Row and the Plunder Problem”

February 10th (Friday) – GSPW – Vlad Tarko, “The Bayesian Meaning of the Risk-Uncertainty Distinction”

February 17th (Friday) – GSPW – Robert Cavender, “Sexual Modesty is Cartel Behavior”

February 24th (Friday) – GSPW – Lotta Moberg, “Peer Pressure on Savings”

March 2nd (Friday) – GSPW – Solomon Stein, “Endogenous Currency Formation”

March 9th (Friday) – No GSPW – Public Choice Society Annual Meeting

March 16th (Friday) – No GSPW – Spring Break

March 23rd (Friday) – GSPW – Shruti Rajagopalan, “Ideology and Institutions in India”

March 30th (Friday) – No GSPW – APEE Annual Conference

April 6th (Friday) – GSPW – Ryan Langrill, “The Second City: The Source of Ideological Innovation”

April 13th (Friday) – GSPW – Arielle John, “Bottom up or top down? Cultural legitimation of state involvement”

April 20th (Friday) – GSPW – No GSPW – Special Event

April 27th (Friday) – GSPW – Tom Duncan, “By the Hand of Ares

May 4th (Friday) – GSPW – Jesse Gastelle, “Keynes and the Transformation of Economics”


Fall 2011

September 2nd (Friday) – GSPW – Orientation (talk by Prof. Peter Boettke), no paper presentation

September 9th (Friday) – GSPW – Will Luther, “Is Money Inessential in Equilibrium?”

September 16th (Friday) – GSPW – Simon Bilo, “Money Management and An Economics of Error”

September 23rd (Friday) – GSPW – Alex Salter, “Useful Versus Meaningful: Aggregates and Their Relation to Methodological Individualism”

September 30th (Friday) – GSPW – G.P. Manish, “Neither Liberalization nor Growth”

October 7th (Friday) – GSPW – Jayme Lemke, “Jurisdictional Competition and Married Women’s”

October 14th (Friday) – GSPW – Dave Hebert, “The Preservation of Industry”

October 21st (Friday) – GSPW – Tom Duncan, “Some Perils of the Permanent War Economy”

October 28th (Friday) – GSPW – Malavika Nair, “Regulation in a 19th century indigenous banking”

November 4th (Friday) – No GSPW – Don Lavoie Conference

November 11th (Friday) – GSPW – Rosemarie Fike, “Is Anarchy Without Coercion Possible?”

November 18th (Friday) – GSPW – Arielle John

November 25th (Friday) – No GSPW – Thanksgiving

December 2nd (Friday) – GSPW – Nick Snow

December 9th (Friday) – GSPW – Shruti Rajagopalan, “Ideology and Institutions”


Spring 2011

February 1st (Tuesday)  – GSPW – Simon Bilo, “Money Management and Economics of Error: Putting the Pieces Together”

February 8 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Ryan Langrill, “Mental Models and Vocational Choice”

February 15 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Jared Barton, “Candidate Canvassing: How Campaigns Win Votes and Influence Elections”

February 22 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Zachary Gochenour, “A Bayesian/Search-Theoretic Critique of Georgism”

March 1 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Li Hao, “Honest Lies”

March 8 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Shruti Rajagopalan, “Bankruptcy Judge as a Central Planner”

March 15 (Tuesday) – No GSPW – Spring Break

March 22 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Nicholas Curott, “The Balance of Payments and Monetary Neutrality in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations”

March 29 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Jesse Gastelle, “Progressivism and the Keynesian Revolution”

April 4 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Jayme Lemke, “Altar to Halter: Marital bargaining through the sale of wives”

April 11 (Tuesday) – No GSPW – APEE

April 19 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Arielle John, “Kirznerian and Schumpeterian entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago”

April 26 (Tuesday) – GSPW – Nicholas Snow, “Oops! Maybe Not: Rational vs. Repugnant Baptists in Deregulation”

May 3 (Tuesday) – GSPW – William Luther, “Friedman Versus Hayek on Private Outside Monies: New Evidence for the Debate”

Fall 2010

August 31st (Tuesday) – GSPW – Orientation (talk by Prof. Peter Boettke), no paper presentation

September 7th (Tuesday) – No GSPW – FSSO Conference

September 16th (Thursday) – GSPW – Simon Bilo “Poverty, Magic and Illiteracy as Means to Survival: An Economic Analysis of Gypsy Institutions”

September 21rd (Tuesday) – GSPW – Jason Aimone “Endogenous Group Formation through Sacrificial Costs”

September 28th (Tuesday) – GSPW – Shruti Rajagopalan

October 5th (Tuesday) – GSPW – Jayme Lemke “Bargaining for Rights”

October 12th (Tuesday) – No GSPW – Columbus Day recess – Monday classes meet Tuesday

October 19th (Tuesday) – GSPW – Andreas Hoffmann

October 26th (Tuesday) – GSPW – Harry David

November 4th (Thursday) – GSPW – Nick Curott

November 9th (Tuesday) – GSPW – Will Luther “Positively Valued Fiat Money after the Sovereign Disappears”

November 18th (Thursday) – GSPW – John Dove

November 23rd (Tuesday) – No GSPW – Thanksgiving

November 30th (Tuesday) – GSPW – Arielle John

December 7th (Tuesday) – GSPW – Douglas Rogers


Spring 2010

February 4th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Daniel Smith

February 11th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Alexander Fink

February 18th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Shruti Rajagopalan

February 25th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Harry David

March 4th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW –Will Luther

March 11th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – No GSPW – Spring Break

March 18th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Simon Bilo

March 25th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Elizabeth Harrison

April 1st (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Nick Curott

April 8th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Petrik Runst

April 15th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Nick Snow + Nick Curott

April 22nd (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – Paul Lewis

April 29th (Thursday 9:30am-11:00am) – GSPW – TBA


Fall 2009

September 9th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Steven Horwitz “The Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomic Disorder: An Austrian Perspective on the Great Recession of 2008”

September 16th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Petrik Runst “Post-Socialist Culture and Entrepreneurship - An empirical analysis”

September 23rd (Wednesday) – GSPW – Jason Aimone “What You Don't Know Can't Protect You: Effects of Avoiding Betrayal on Trustee Behavior”

September 30th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Triya Venkatraman

October 7th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Simon Bilo

October 14th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Dan Smith

October 21st (Wednesday) – GSPW – Doug Rogers

October 28th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Nick Curott

November 4th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Alex Fink

November 11th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Will Luther “Revisiting the Monetary Theory of the Trade Cycle and the Great Depression.”

November 18th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Nick Snow

November 25th (Wednesday) – No GSPW – SEA Conference/Thanksgiving

December 2nd (Wednesday) – GSPW – Jared Barton

December 9th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Stewart Dompre


Spring 2009

January 28th (Wednesday) – No GSPW – Canceled due to Snow

February 4th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Jason Arentz

February 11th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Emilia Istrate (No Pete)

February 18th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Leo Krasnozhon

February 25th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Shruti Rajagopalan “Development Takings in India”

March 4th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Diana Weinert

March 11th (Wednesday) – No GSPW – Spring Break

March 18th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Nick Curott (No Pete)

March 25th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Tyler Watts “Self-Enforcing Trade on the Western Frontier: Commercial Diplomacy in the Adobe Empire”

April 1st (Wednesday) – GSPW – Will Luther

April 8th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Simon Bilo (No Pete)

April 15th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Geoffrey Lea

April 22nd (Wednesday) – GSPW – Thomas Hogan (No Pete)

April 29th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Ed Stringham


Fall 2008

September 3rd (Wednesday) – GSPW – Jason Aimoine, “Betrayal Aversion: A Laboratory Analysis”

September 10th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Jeremy Horpedahl, “The Economic Origins and Consequences of Democracy in America, 1790-1860“

September 17th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Nick Snow, “Moral entrepreneurship as originally developed by sociologist Howard Becker” (working title)

September 24th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Tyler Watts, “Entrepreneurial Externalities: The Costs of Capitalism”

October 1st (Wednesday) – GSPW – Dan Smith, “Heterogeneity and Exchange: The Rise and Fall of La Convivencia”

October 8th (Wednesday) – GSPW – David Skarbek, "Honor among Thieves: Organized Crime and Monitoring Malfeasance"

October 15th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Doug Rogers, "Organizing Crime"

October 22nd (Wednesday) – GSPW – Maria Pia Pagenelli, "The same face of the two Smiths”

October 29th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Emily Schaeffer

November 5th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Diana Weinert

November 12th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Helen Yang, failure of health care reform in China (working title)

November 19th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Triya

November 26th (Wednesday) – GSPW – Nick Curott

December 3rd (Wednesday) – GSPW – Alex Fink