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Public Choice

Public Choice


Peter J. Boettke, Paul Dragos Aligica | Oct 06, 2011
The Ostrom's approach is well-known for aiming not so much at grand theory building but rather at specific problems of collective action, governance, and social dilemmas. Making the practical and applied dimension the starting point as well as the filter of our interest reveals a different configuration of concepts marking and linking the practice-to-theory continuum.
Xiaofei "Sophia" Pan, Daniel Houser | Apr 2011
Cooperation is indispensable in human societies, and much progress has been made towards understanding human pro-social decisions.
Antony Davies, John Pulito | Nov 22, 2010
How does your government regulate alcohol? This Q&A paper analyzes alcohol-control policies in the states.
Peter J. Boettke | Feb 2010
This paper begins with Elinor Ostrom's work on regulating the commons and pushes the argument further, asking whether the foundation of an effective system of regulation must be found first and…
Christopher Coyne | Jul 01, 2009
Even regulations motivated by the best of intentions can have perverse secondary effects that generate significant costs.
Emily Chamlee-Wright, Virgil Storr | Aug 2008
This paper provides an account of the political economy critique that residents and other stakeholders in New Orleans’s Ninth Ward communities hold of the post-Katrina policy…

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Anthony Evans, Paul Dragos Aligica | Mar 13, 2009
Very few studies have ventured to explore the shift in economic ideas that were such a critical factor in shaping and understanding the East European transition process. Paul Dragos Aligica and…

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