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Thomas Duncan

Thomas Duncan

  • Assistant Professor of Economics, Radford University

Tom Duncan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Radford University. Dr. Duncan earned his PhD in economics from George Mason University. While at George Mason, he was a Mercatus Dissertation Fellow. He has taught three units of International Economic Policy at George Mason University. His research interests include political economy, public choice, Austrian economics, institutional economics, and development economics. Tom has published his research in the Libertarian Papers and presented at the Association of Private Enterprise Educators annual conference.

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Published Research

Peter Leeson, Christopher Coyne, Thomas Duncan | Jun 2016
Newhard (2016) challenges our argument, according to which the inefficiency of market-provided national defense is an empirical question rather than a logical implication of the fact that privately provided national defense confronts a free-rider problem.
Thomas Duncan | Mar 2016
Thomas Duncan reviews The Long Guilded Age: American Capitalism and the Lessons of a New World Order by Leon Fink.
Thomas Duncan, Christopher Coyne | Oct 2015
This chapter highlights the insights that the Austrian tradition brings to the analysis of foreign intervention.
Thomas Duncan | Aug 2015
Duncan's review of 'Realizing Peace: A Constructive Conflict Approach' by Louis Kriesberg. Published in The Review of Austrian Economics.

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