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Zachary Gochenour

Zachary Gochenour

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, Western Carolina University

Zac Gochenour is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Western Carolina University. He earned his PhD in economics from George Mason University. He also received his BS degree in Economics and BA in Mathematics from George Mason University. While at George Mason, he was a Mercatus Center Research Assistant. He worked as a research assistant for Prof. Bryan Caplan. Zachary has presented at the Association of Private Enterprise Education's annual conference and the Public Choice Society annual meeting.

Published Research

Stephen Miller, Zachary Gochenour | Jan 19, 2016
A new study written for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University analyzes North Carolina’s performance on key issues, the way in which the state government manages itself, and opportunities for improvement. North Carolina has recently implemented proactive reforms to its tax system, indicating that state lawmakers are capable of executing the other positive policy changes outlined in this study.
Peter Leeson, Zachary Gochenour | Oct 2015
This chapter, which surveys the state of knowledge about the economic effects of international labor mobility, is therefore especially concerned with considering labor mobility’s economic effects for potentially vulnerable subpopulations.
Zachary Gochenour, Bryan Caplan | Dec 2013
This paper develops a critique of the single-tax proposal of Henry George. We present a simple search-theoretic model for the discovery of natural resources and show that a tax on the unimproved value of land is distortionary.
Benjamin Powell, Zachary Gochenour | Sep 16, 2013
The U.S. government interferes with the market for foreign laborers by restricting the number and mix of immigrants and setting tight quantitative limits on foreign-born guest workers. This has created a mismatch between the demand for foreign workers from U.S. businesses and their supply, directly leading to the illegal immigration situation we confront today.

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